God’s calling you

To where will you run

To where will you turn

Who do you ask for your help

Who will give you love


Isn’t there a thirst, there

Deep inside your chest

A thirst you can’t seem to quench

Who’ll give you drink to quench it


Nothing in this world

No one in this world

You feel the emptiness

But they’re all empty, too


They can’t fill your longing

They can’t quench your thirst

They long for something, too

They are thirsty, too


Ask your questions

Who will know?

They have no answer

Apart from Me


Cry your tears everywhere

Throw yourself on the ground

Who will dry your face

Who will pick you up


You feel so very lonely

Feel that emptiness inside

Who will keep you company

Who fill will your emptiness


You wish for something greater

You want everlasting arms

I am that something greater

I’ll wrap you in My arms


I know everything about you

I know your inside out

I know all that you’ve ever done

And all your reasons why


To me, you aren’t a mystery

No need to make excuses

To me, you’re beautiful

No need to wear a mask


I will quench your thirst for love

I’m all you’ll ever need

I will fill your emptiness

And overflow your soul


I am what you long for

The end of your desire

Come to Me and find yourself

I am what you need.



This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life:


Picture courtesy thinkatheist.com


You love me

You love me in the darkness

You love me in the night

You love me when I’m dreaming

You love me when I’m weak


You loved me on the cross

You loved me down in hell

You loved me when I shamed you

You loved me when I was dead


You loved me when I hated you

You loved me when I blasphemed

You loved me when my sin killed You

You loved me when you bled


You love me when I’m sinning

You love me when I’m down

You love me when I’m blind to You

You love me when I’m deaf


Lord, You ran to me

Lord, You touched me

Lord, You washed me

Lord, You love me


Oh, Lord, and then I saw You

Oh, Lord, and then I knew

Oh, Lord, I am a sinner

Oh, Lord, but You’ve forgiven me



I love You in the darkness

I love You in the night

I love You when I’m dreaming

I love You when I’m weak


I love You for the cross

I love You, who was damned for me

I wish I hadn’t shamed You

I love You because I’m alive


I love You, Lord

I need You, Lord

I want You, Lord

I see You, Lord


And I can’t help it

For who I am, and who You are

I can’t help but worship You.




Picture courtesy benwitherington.blogspot.com