Some poems I wrote about God…



Deep inside our hearts
Isn’t there a place
Where our kindness falls apart
And the shadows come awake

Within the hidden space
That no one else will see
There’s something that cries
That it doesn’t want to be

When we are alone
And our sleep overtakes
Our deep foundations groan
Don’t we retch and scream and rake

Can’t we ever find a home
Will the restless ever cease
Will not the brightness overcome
When we fall to our knees

Is not there something greater
Than what we tend to be
Who really is the maker
Of what we cannot see

Will we always be haunted
By that so seductive black
Isn’t there good undaunted
That will penetrate the dark

It spreads to every place
Until I cannot see
It closes in the space
It’s like a rotting dream

Don’t we need someone to save us
Cannot we save ourselves
Yet rising through the dust
It’s like I’m getting closer
To what I’ve never seen





Good days fly by

Once they’ve passed, they taunt us

“Come back,” they say, “Just go ahead and


They take with them our happiness

They take with them our trust

Then come the days that never end

And come the dreams, oh, sickly sweet

The dreams that cannot mend

And when we wake, into the sleet

We wish the dreams could stay

The color fades, we sob inside

We can’t return, but oh, we tried

We clawed the walls, we beat the doors

And our tears glistened on the floors

We tried to run, away, away

But we couldn’t find a home

We could not chase away the days

Days of nightmares, days of nothing

No, not a one

We wanted rest

We prayed for home

“Some day,” we said, “We’ll find the best”

“The good days will return sometime”

“They never fail to come”


Here’s a verse I found from the Bible (sort of relates to the poem):

“How the gold has become dim!

How changed the fine gold!

The stones of the sanctuary are scattered

At the head of every street.”

(Lamentations 4:1 NKJV)




When the sun rises and sets

I see a lining, somewhere there

Somewhere among the golds and reds

A presence, saying Holy One

Holy One who knows my depth

Knows all of every strand of hair

How is it, I am loved

Who am I, who betrays You

I thirst for water from above

And so I thirst for You

My King’s promise to carry me

It’s yet impossible for me to see

I beat myself against a wall

You take my hand, answer my call

What is it, Lord, this

Impossible almighty love

Overwhelms me because it is

Yet all I see is just a glance

Your arms are my alcove

What is this You have done for me

I tremble, God, because I see

The sacrifice my Father gave

Who am I, God, that You would love me

I’m falling, Lord, upon my face

I humble me before Your feet

I stretch my arms before my Lord

Come, fill this vast and empty place

I am alive for my defeat.



I CALL    (this one’s long)

Find me

Remember me

Touch me

Feel my pain

Mend my broken heart

Hear Your name upon my lips

Wrap me with Your arms

Love me

Lift me, Lord

Breathe into me

I love You, Lord

I love You

Don’t forget me

God, my God

I can hardly stand

Carry me in holy arms

Rest my head upon Your shoulder

Blanket me with love

Lull me to sleep on Your chest

Cradle me, God

I am Your child



Take what I have

Worthless as it is

I give to You my broken pieces

I hand to You my slow-beating heart

I won’t let go

I want You

I want to be with You forever

I will swallow dust in Your name

To be with You


All good is

Because of You

You are what is good

You are Beautiful

How lovely are You

How beautiful are You

How holy, holy, holy

Are You

Father of life



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