The true meaning of Christianity

I know you think Christianity is a bunch of hypocritical posers who think they’re good and they’re just a load of high-and-mighty douchebags who go around judging people all the time.

Like maybe you think Christians are like this picture right here:


And sure, some Christians are like that.

But I’m here to tell you that they aren’t true Christians. They do not follow the Bible. They do not follow the teaching of God. They do not understand the definition of love or what it means to love.

The purpose of Christianity is just one plain and simple thing.

To love others above yourself, and to love God above all.

We are not here to judge you. We are not here to condemn you.

I’m sorry if it ever seems like that.

And it’s so sad to me that you think that, because we love you.

Yes, we disagree with your opinions. Not because we’re high-and-mighty snobs but because they are sins before God. We don’t hate you because you sin. And sin is sin for a reason. Biblical laws aren’t there just to be a killjoy. They’re there to prevent you from hurting yourself.

The God of Christianity is a God who loves us above all, more than you can imagine, more than is even humanly possible. He is the definition of love itself. He is there to save us. He is there waiting for us to come to Him. He didn’t put the laws there just to make us feel terrible or to depress us. He put them there because He knows us even better than we know ourselves.

He is like a father trying to keep his children from crossing the street. The child doesn’t understand that if he runs into traffic, he’ll get hit and killed. But the father knows this and so he does his best to keep his kid from harm.

In the same way, God gave us His laws to keep us from harm.

So if you ever think we hate you because you’re not Christian, or because you’re engaged in some sort of non-Christian lifestyle, that’s not true.

A real Christian will never hate you. We will only love you.

Yes, we disagree with your lifestyle.

No, it’s not because we hate you.

It’s because we love you.

Yes, we will still be friends with you. Yes, we will always love you. Yes, we will try to tell you about Christianity and we will try to “convert” you, not because we think Christianity is somehow the almighty race that should rule over all. It’s because we love you and we don’t want to see you come to harm and we don’t want you to suffer in hell and we don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

So if you ever think we’re judging you, or if you ever think we hate you, or want you to suffer in hell, or want to convert you for our own selfish reasons, I want to tell you you’re wrong. You’re wrong, but don’t think I’m saying that because I think I’m so right all the time. You’re wrong and that should be beautiful news to you and to everyone. Because now you know that Christians are here for you. We’re here for you, to love you, to stand by you no matter what you think or feel or believe. We will always love you. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise.

I love you, no matter who you are, always and forever.



A little girl

There was a girl who was born

A girl who lived

But was always dead

A girl who had eyes

But never saw

A girl who was haunted

A girl who sinned

A girl who never deserved

The life she had

A girl who loved darkness

And was drawn to perversion

Even though she was only a child

A girl who destroyed herself

And all those around her

A girl who wasn’t old enough

To understand what she’d done

A little girl who was wretched

A little girl who was wrong

A little girl who was sad

A little girl who seemed normal


And I’ll tell you a secret

Here it is


That little girl

was me.



God, my Anchor

I know I’ve been writing about this a lot. Forgive me. It’s been on my mind a lot.

Does it ever scare you that the universe is infinite?

You could keep floating in space forever. Get lost. Never find your way home. Lose sight of Earth.

And what if we’re all alone? Just us, alone in infinite space. You could keep going forever, and keep finding planets. But no life. No intelligent alien life.

Just the thought of that raises the hair on the back of my neck.

All alone. There’s so much out there. So much.

Without a God, it’s all hopelessly infinite. No home. Space stretching out forever. Time never ending. Infinite past, infinite future, and an ever-fleeting present.

It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever thought.

That’s why I need God.

God is my Anchor.

The Anchor of my soul.

If I were to lose my place in space, my God would be my home.



His world

The universe is too big

For any comprehension

Amazing for us to live

In gravitational suspension


Like a rubber band

That never snaps

We’re an insignificant dot of land

On a universal map


Each part a miracle

Each cell its own life

Wonder in one particle

Wonder that there is life


Too good to waste

Too amazing to conceive

A hint of divine taste

In every little leaf


What have we become

Just because we can’t conceive

What should bring us to our knees

We’ve turned His world into a sieve



Make this year better

It’s 2012.

Yes, I am posting this three days late. I suppose I have been a bit lazy.


Scared child

Image via Wikipedia

Frankly, I’m scared about the new year. I am disliking the swift disappearance of 2011. A lot happened to me in nine months, and it’s really really weird knowing that it’s been so long, and it’s a new year. And I was so happy last summer. And now that it’s 2012, I know I have to move on. I have to keep going. That scares me. It’s weird, and caught me by surprise. I was sitting on the floor at the New Year’s party I attended, all the scenes from the past year playing through my head. Depression, Spring Camp, saved and lifted, happy, going to public school, missing a lot of people, my happiness just generally dipping. Currently, I am not depressed, per say, but I do feel kind of down most of the time, which is probably just my pride acting up. I’m working on that (and I’ll do a post on that, too, soon).


Cover of "Fearless: Imagine Your Life Wit...

Cover via Amazon

But I have to move on, and not clutch my past so tightly. I shouldn’t be so afraid of the future and the passing of time. I am reading Fearless by Max Lucado, which is helping my terror. And also these verses:

Romans 8:38-39: “For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

That verse, especially “nor things present nor things to come,” reminds me that even if I dread the future and grip the past, God still loves me, and all His people, with a never-ending passion.

Which is also a reason why I shouldn’t dread the future and grip the past.

I shouldn’t be feeding those fears by dreading the arrival of 2012.

Besides, 2012 is already here. What good is it to dread it? Seriously.

I also recently listened to the song “Best is Yet to Come” by Red, for the second time. That song has become my motto song. That instead of thinking that the future could never be as good as what’s already happened, I should know that things can always get better, and they will, considering the fact that since I am a Christian, I will go to Heaven when I die.

But this song inspired me to tell myself that even if last summer was really wonderful, with God, I should strive to make my every moment better than my last.

And if I keep thinking that my happiness will never be so great as it was, it’s never gonna. Which is just a stupid way to live life.

So turn that frown upside down, take a risk, and make 2012 even better than 2011.

Thanks, Red, for this inspiration. And thanks, Max, for writing your beautifully eye-opening book.

You guys rock.

Here’s “Best is Yet to Come”: