Isaiah 53

Isaiah 53

Just a beautiful, beautiful chapter everyone should read…





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Walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

But those who wait on the LORD

Shall renew their strength;

They shall mount up with wings like eagles,

They shall run and not be weary,

They shall walk and not faint.”

Some of us might read this verse and think it’s pretty but empty. We remember the times we drink coffee to keep up our energy. We think of getting sore from running around Disneyland. We stay up late getting work done and then wake up in the morning with dark circles around our eyes.

But I want to tell you something, and I want you to listen for a moment.

God is the rest after a long day.

God is Starbucks to keep us awake.

When we can’t even walk, God will carry us.

When we’re weak, God becomes our strength.

When we cry, God is there to be our shoulder.

God is the one who wipes away the dark circles.

God is love.

If you think about the person you love most in life, more than anybody else you’ve ever met, God loves you infinitely more than you love that person. God loves you so much that it’s impossible for our human minds to comprehend.

When you stand and stare at the sunrise, and that dance, that sob, that laugh, that cry that rises in your throat, when you’re so very starstruck and in love that you don’t know what to do with yourself – God has given you that love. And do you know why? Because that’s how He feels about you.

When we try to fly on our own, we fall. When we try to run by our own strength, we fall, too. So what do we do when we fall? We take God’s hand.

God promises that when we wait upon Him, we won’t be weary, we won’t faint, and we will fly.

We will have inhuman strength.

What could be better than to take the hand of love?

What could be better than to mount up on wings and fly?

What could be better than to see God, the Creator of everything we know, everything we want to know, and everything that anybody has ever known.

God, love Himself.

Why do we fall?

Why on earth do we keep running when we know it gets us nowhere?

Why do we hate when we can love?

Why do we search for love other than Love?

Why do we beat ourselves up?

Why do we take all the time to destroy ourselves when Love is waiting, ready to answer our cry of help?

Just accept – accept, fly, run, walk, be strong in God.

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