Sometimes it’s hard to look at the people around me who don’t believe in a God.

I go to school five days a week, and I constantly hear people just dissing their Creator.

These people, these beautiful lives. They’re brimming with hope, bursting with passion – just like me, just like everyone. They each have dreams, they each have goals. They each believe in something.

But there is vital, life-changing difference between me and my non-Christian peers. I look at them, and it’s like they’re missing this part of their heart. They have passion, but they have an incredible yearning. And for what? I know what the human yearning is for. But they don’t. And they will live their whole entire lives with a yearning in their heart that will never be fulfilled.

We have a purpose. We all have a purpose. A meaning! A PURPOSE! Something that we live for. Something we die for.


And all these people around me, these people I see every day, flooding the halls of my school, strolling the sidewalks of life, wandering the fields of being —

They will die for something.

And so many, so very, very many of them, will die for the wrong thing.

They will DIE for the WRONG thing.

How is this happening? How is this allowed? How do we allow this?!

These people all over the world don’t believe in God. They sit there and say to themselves, “There must be no God, because if there was, He wouldn’t allow all this carnage to go on.”

Come on. Come on, people! “Why would GOD allow this carnage”?! This nightmare, this terrible, terrible nightmare?

Don’t say it like it’s God’s fault. God has done nothing to cause this destruction, this emptiness, this yearning that won’t ever end. He hasn’t. He wouldn’t. He loves us so very, very much, so much more than we can EVER IMAGINE!

I bet you hear that all the time, huh? “God loves you more than you can imagine.” I sure have. I hear that a lot. I take it for granted way too often.

Because, really, remember the most passionate love you have ever felt in your whole entire life. A passion that flooded your senses and overcame your being and burned itself into your soul. Remember that complete and total love.

God loves His people WAY more than that.


God didn’t ever cause this distortion of joy. He didn’t cause this crap. We did. WE DID.

I look at these people around me with eyes full of hope, and they don’t even know where the hope comes from. They live in a horrible reality. We live in the same place. I know what it’s like. I live in it, too. I know I caused the destruction. But you know what I also know? I know how to be saved from the destruction. I have been redeemed. I will not stay here forever. This isn’t all there is. I know where the hope comes from.

And every single day I see people who have no idea.

Every day I see people who will always, always, always live in destruction.

Why am I sitting here and writing this?

I wish there were no destruction.

I wish there were no nightmares.

I wish everything was just made of milk and honey and we’d all go to Heaven when we die.

But we won’t.

Not all of us will.

You know what?

There IS destruction.

There ARE nightmares.

It’s right there, in plain sight, right in all our faces. We live it, breathe it. Some of us cling to it. Some of us need a reality, so we accept anything.

Well, I won’t.

I refuse to live and breathe this destruction forever.

I won’t sit here in my own little world forever.

I will go and I will pour out my sinful, hopeful, yearning heart into the streets of mankind.

I guess that’s what I’m doing now.

But someday, maybe, someday someone will pass by this heart lying on the street for all to see. They’ll see it, and they’ll see God’s heart right there next to mine.

I want everyone to know this power. This passion.

I want everyone to yearn and know what they’re yearning for.

I want everyone to love and know who loves them.


Because you know what? You know what?




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