Purpose of W.T.

Our world has become too… well, wordly.  Don’t you think?

With worldliness comes despair.  Hopelessness.  Helplessness.  Depression.  Sorrow.

Utter emptiness.

We’ve all felt it, haven’t we?  That feeling inside of our hearts, the deep, deep sadness that catches in our throat.  The feeling that rakes out the kind of sobs that come from the very core of our being.

What is there to do?  What is there to say?

Well, here’s what I think:

What we do is we turn to Jesus, because only He can fill the emptiness.

What we say is the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone around us.


Because you know what?

I have felt that raw joy, that song that comes from deep within me.  The joy, instead of the sadness, that catches in our throat.  That feeling of dancing in the pouring rain, of singing a song out loud for all I’m worth, of my heart beating in my ears and pounding with a love for God, for life, for all things of Him.

I have experienced the wonder — the moment when I finally realize, “Yes, I am alive.  I am alive.”


But I have also felt the utter emptiness.  The abyss of nothingness.  Nowhere to hide, no one to run to… or so it seems.

Which is why I write.

Which is why I speak.

Which is why I made this blog.



(Taken by me at a David Crowder Band concert in August of 2011.)


6 responses to “Purpose of W.T.

  1. Emily!!!! I’m nominating you for the versatile blogger award (mjray926 did as well) you can check my blog posts for info if you’d like. You’re supposed to nominate a bunch of other people as well.

    I love you, and your blog!

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