Welcome back

Isn’t it good to be awake

After so long in the dark


Now you can speak

Now you can hear

Now you can see


You’re alive now


Now there is color

Now there is light

Now you’re okay


Good thing

You didn’t give up


I know

You hated your life

I know

You wanted an end

But I told you

Hold on

Take my hand

Life is better

When you’re here with Me







to my love

I love you


Now you can feel it

My love in your breath

My love on your skin

My love in your veins

My love is

holding you together


Life is worth it

Life is worth it

Life is worth Me

I gave you life

I wouldn’t

give you life

that wasn’t worth

the hardships


I love you

I love you

Welcome to life

Welcome to love

I love you

Welcome to Me






11 responses to “Welcome

  1. Emily! its DCollins from quizlet πŸ™‚ I just found your set about this. I love your writing here πŸ˜€ its amazing!!!!!!

  2. Emily! It’s Cassidy from quizlet. Gosh, how I miss you! I’m so happy to see all the beautiful things you have written on here! Thank you for the best, most significant contribution to the writing world of quizlet that you have given. You would be so proud! People left and right are starting new books, new series, and poems, songs, and so many other things! And to think it all prospered with you. Thank you, Emily. And I really mean that. Thank you.

    • Thanks πŸ™‚
      Wow, it’s crazy that I made such a big impact on there… I wasn’t even a very good writer back then, haha!
      Miss you guys 😦 😦 😦 but I had to get on with my life, you know? I was kind of addicted to that site and I felt really stupid so I decided to just drop it.

      • Hahahahaha I kind of know how you feel… But I have a lot of friends on there and I’m writing like…. 3 stories right now… :P. But it’s kind of cool, you know? People are saying I’m an “oldie” because I’m from the ‘McGirl Era’. πŸ˜€ Even though you don’t really come on anymore, you are still pretty popular. Just…. never delete your account, okay?

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