I saw a guy singing on the sidewalk
Strumming his guitar on the streets of San Francisco
I liked him and he seemed sweet, so I gave him a quarter
And then he winked at me

I saw a girl sitting on a fencepost
Staring at the sky in the early morning
I don’t have a clue what she goes through
But my heart went out to her

I saw a fish die at the pet store
Racking his body with each gasp for breath
I wished I could save him, but I couldn’t have come in time
Just a fish, but it was a life

Sometimes I want to save every life I see
Don’t know what stops me, maybe I’m self-conscious
Give a sandwich to every homeless man
But I can’t, not really

There’s hope fluttering in the air, can’t you see it
Don’t know how anyone can’t
I want to save every singer on the sidewalk
I want to save every dying fish

Wonder what would happen if we all trusted that Jesus would
Would He save every dying fish
Would He save the man who winked at me

Jesus, can you make them see
Jesus, can you heal disease
Jesus, can you open their eyes
Jesus, just today, don’t let anyone die

I know it’s impossible for me to do this
I don’t know what to do with this compassion
For the sake of the man on the sidewalk
Believe, please believe, if just this once!



Sidewalk photo courtesy http://www.ci.highland.il.u


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