Just some guy


That Man was crucified the other day

Jesus, King of the Jews, they called Him

The Son of God, some say

When He died, the sky went dim


It’s a little weird, walking down the street

People keep talking about the guy

Some say we won by His defeat

But if He’s God, why did He die?


The curtain that blocked the temple is torn

I don’t know who could have done that

Why just because of the cross Jesus bore?

Could be coincidence, but no one believes that


I don’t know what it means

For all this to happen

Just some guy who gets punished and bleeds

And everything goes crazy, brains crackin’


I saw that one dude’s eyes get all big

When Jesus cried out, just before He keeled

It’s true,” he kept saying, again and again

He thought one thing, then spun on his heels


What’s going on, could somebody tell me

I thought this Jesus kid wasn’t right in the head

I feel like there’s more coming, more to see

How is it over already? It doesn’t feel over,

but He’s certainly dead


Something keeps whispering, back of my mind

Son of God? He’s just some guy

And all the same, maybe that’s why

Maybe that’s why He died, after all


Somebody tell me the truth

What should I do? I can’t decide

I wonder if things should stay how they were

But everything’s different, now, because of some guy


Maybe we all should just believe.




Picture courtesy lavistachurchofchrist.org


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