Did Jesus have nightmares, too?


Dear Dad


Last night

I had a nightmare

I was being crucified

And I saw a Pharisee

Sitting at the foot

Of the Cross


He was curled up

And shaking

And sobbing

Like he was so sad

But he didn’t even know

What to do

And he didn’t know how

To get any help


And I was yelling at him

And telling him

That I was here for him

Just for him

Being crucified

So he could be free

So he could have help

So he could just

Stop his crying

Because I love him

I love him

I love him so much, Dad


But he wasn’t listening to Me

It was like there was a wall

Between Me and him

And he couldn’t hear Me


And I was dying

On that cross

And, just right then

In that second

Because the Pharisee

Just kept crying

While I shouted

And told him he was

Being ridiculous

He made it seem

(Although it’s not true

But he kept on

Telling himself he was nothing)

Like I was dying

For nothing.



Picture courtesy twbowes.blogspot.com


2 responses to “Did Jesus have nightmares, too?

  1. It is an interesting approach. The wording kept me thinking.
    Is it our lack of identity that keeps us in the dark? Does our ignorance breed fear?

    I would be interested to see you developing this idea further. Especially the emotions connecting to the words “yelling”, or to the sentence ” he made it seem”…

    • Thanks for your advice, I’ll definitely expand on the idea further. I think our ignorance DOES breed fear, at times… actually, I’m writing an essay on fear in English class (based on “The Apt-Repeated Dream” by Robert Frost), so I might post that; I think it’ll be interesting.
      As to the “yelling” and “he made it seem” parts, my own experience inspired that. I’ve posted some stuff about that (like my poem “Listen” and my really long post “My depression, my happiness”), how I felt something which I later realized was God making noise, trying to tell me He was there. And I convinced myself I was nothing, which is basically telling Jesus that He was crucified for nothing.
      So there you go.
      I’ll expand on it in the future, don’t worry. 🙂

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