Sorry for what I said

Sorry for what I did

Sorry for what You went through

My sin is rid

But You were dead


Sorry for mocking You

For all my despair

Sorry for ignoring You

Sorry for loving someone else

While you watched me and wept


Sorry for the tears You cried

Sorry for my sinful pride

Sorry for turning my back

Sinning tends to be my knack

Sorry for hating You, for being snide


Sorry for fighting Your arms

I don’t know how I looked away

From Your beautiful, beautiful eyes

I let myself succumb to harm

When all I had to do was stay,

and with my Savior rise


You’re my first Love, my true Love

I’ll never leave Your side

Heaven’s descending from above

To You I’ll always come

I’ll never break my stride


Thank You for staying

Thank You for raising

Thank You for everything

Forgive me for my sin

Stir my heart within


I love You.



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