Humanity’s curse



Above the frost on which we stand


Trying not to fall


Living in shameful humanity


Straining our ears for a call




We know we should run for all we’re worth


Run from the train wreck of our own sin


Somehow we keep on returning


Calling His name with faithless mirth




Time by time we say His name


Irreverence replacing our honesty


He blocks His ears in pure disgust


How often we do exactly the same




Some day we’ll see our grave mistake


How we brought down our own ruin


Upon the heads of the innocent


And all that trash was ours to take




Unmistakable attraction lies


In between the feathers of Satan’s wings


Embracing evil as God Himself tries


To tell us we’re fighting for empty things




Searching for love in the farthest corners


Anything but the love that counts


Our flesh greasing up the walls of life


Step by step, we make our rounds


Jab by jab, bit in the foot


With Lucifer’s hounds




And Eden’s innocence has long taken flight


The olive branch in the beak of the dove


Brought to Noah in his search for rest


Is crushed beneath humanity’s plight




And the longing that fills the hard man’s eyes


And the sunset’s soft light that fills the sky


And we reach for a star that can never be touched


And we try on our own, but we still need a crutch




Yet He mourns for us as we mourn for ourselves


Jesus cried of finished redemption


Arching His back in the sinner’s pain


Crying for us not to search anymore


Please – not to search in vain




In His crucifixion


Written on His face


Carved into His back with a cat of nine tails


Bored into His hands of inhuman love




Softly, words fall from His beautiful wounds


Faintly, but clearly, He whispers our name


Telling us, return to His arms


Telling us to come back home




I love you”


I love you”


I love you”


I love you”


I love you forever


You’re mine.”


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7 responses to “Humanity’s curse

  1. Beautiful and powerful write. I tend to see Jesus more as patient though, not frustrated, disappointed or disgusted in us. He knows we have the potential within us, and he patiently waits for us to discover it and turn it into potency. To think of Him this way gives me more patience with others in this world who let petty little things upset them. I simply think, “They’ll eventually get it. They just need more time.”

    Peace & grace,

    • I was thinking of specific passages as I wrote that, such as Ezekiel 16, in which God is disgusted with how we committed adultery against Him, to whom we made our vows — and He gives us over to our enemies because we ignored his pleas to return. But when we sought His forgiveness, with sincerity, he was faithful to forgive us.
      Although it does take an awful lot of hard-heartedness, on our part, for God to turn His face away in disgust.
      If we mean it, God will forgive us. If we don’t, if we just sort of act like it because we want to go to heaven or something, He is DISGUSTED with us.
      Thank you for your input! 🙂

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