Yet another poem: when the stars seem dim


The stars seem a little dim

While I sit right here and ponder

Happiness feels so far from the rim

Why is that, though, I wonder?


The stars are up there for sure

Just a minute ago I could reach up

and touch them

Such a bright and twinkly allure

Each one, so small, a gem…


They’re so strange-looking, now

Once upon a time, I was so happy

I thought my utter joy would always grow

But today I frankly feel crappy –


God, are You there, right there?

God, You feel a bit distant…

You seem fantastic, You seem rare

Seem all crisp and clean and

Just not there…?


Help me, hold me, Dad

I know that You’re not far away

It’s just that I feel so sad –

I don’t want to fall astray.


As I say this, God, I know

I want to fall, again, for You

Without You, there’s no place to go

You love me, God, and I love You, too.


Just loving You isn’t enough

My hands are dirty, Yours shouldn’t be

Yet here they are, muddy and rough

From my sin – now Jesus’ hands

are covered in blood for me.


Humble me, God;

There’s nothing I know

On You I endlessly trod

Lord, there’s nowhere else I want to go!


I’ll love You forever

I look at You and cry

To You I want to be tethered –

And, Daddy? – for You I will try.




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