“Every Time You Run” by Manafest

Here’s an amazing song that hits me pretty hard.

It’s about someone who struggles with depression — a party animal.  Someone empty.  According to the video, he gets in a car accident; he was a little out of it, drifting between consciousness and sleep, and dwelling on the meaning of life, why he exists, why all this stuff happens.  It’s sort of odd, the things you think of in those situations where you’re physically hurt.  I had a head injury once, a few years ago, and I remember staring at the blood, all over the place; I felt so tired, like I just wanted to go to sleep, and yet I kept thinking I was going to die.  I remembered some things I hadn’t thought of in a long time — I searched for something to hold on to.

This guy remembers something distant, hazy–

He says, “I thought of a song my mom used to sing in church, but it’s been so long, I can’t remember the words.” (read all of the lyrics here)

Here’s the song, with the video:




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