Just touch His garment.

Mark 5:24-34

(Read this passage here)

Here’s the story of a woman who was isolated for 12 years. She suffered from “bleeding,” or, in the modern term, her period. Her menstrual flow.

Having your period for 12 years straight would suck today, but back then in this woman’s time, your menstrual flow was, in summary, a curse. During your period, you and anything you touched was unclean; if you touched someone, they were unclean; you were sent off to a house with all the other grumpy women on their periods.

I don’t know how this poor lady gathered up the courage to get out in public in the first place. Luckily for her, nobody recognized her.

But it was probably worth it, touching Jesus and being healed.

What a faithful woman. She didn’t look for a big hug or a huge ceremony or even speech from Jesus. All she knew she needed was to merely touch the hassel of His robe, a tiny piece of His garment. She only wanted, only needed, that little part of Him, and she was healed.

Jesus knew when this miracle took place. He asked, “Who touched Me?” which can be a little odd to ask, considering the whole crowds of people pressing against Him – not only this woman. His disciples knew it, too – verse 31, “His disciples said to Him, ‘You see the crowd pressing against You, and You say, “Who touched Me?”’ (Mark 5:31, HCSB)”

Jesus didn’t ask the question for His own sake. After all, 1) Jesus knows everything, and 2) nobody but He and the woman knew of when she, in particular, touched Him.

I believe that part of why Jesus asked it was so the woman would have a chance to speak up, to share her faith and her testimony.

It wasn’t enough for the woman to merely be healed. She spoke up about it as well.

It’s the same with us.

We can merely touch the corner of Jesus’ robe and be healed thoroughly, miraculously, beautifully.

And once we’re healed, Jesus will know it, and He’ll say, “Who touched Me?” – so we share it, we tell of it, we tell of our healing to Jesus and to everyone else.

Besides, He’s healed us through and through; why wouldn’t we want to?



Picture courtesy  emiajotares.blogspot.com.


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