Another poem: with sorrow comes joy

I used to hate the life You gave
I didn’t think I could be wrong
All those days, thinking I was so brave
Brave, ha! All bravery was completely gone

Still You loved me
I’ll never forget
I kept on thinking I’d never see
I convinced myself that light can’t be kept

All of the days I thought I was all right
Better off empty than to be sad
I never realized how life becomes bright
I know I was always so angry and mad

I now know that with every rain
Comes a chance to stop all the pain
I now know that for there to be a storm
There has to be a calmness, joyous and warm

I focused on being a disastrous mess
I didn’t know it, though
I did know I was depressed
But I didn’t even try to see what lay just above the snow

For there to be sadness
There has to be happiness
For there to be depression
There has to be joy

I know now, when comes sorrow
I tell myself, this isn’t lasting forever
There will be happiness, just wait till tomorrow
To give in to satan is never so clever

So don’t look behind the car you keep driving
If you do, you’ll only crash
Let’s face it, you won’t ever stop striving
Life takes some careful work, so don’t be so rash

Our God is there, waiting with welcoming eyes
Just in case you’re sad, and your tears
Forever He dries.


Photo courtesy


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