A poem I wrote.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted anything new in a long while…  Don’t worry, I’m working on a study, but time goes by really fast and I can’t seem to write any good stuff lately, except for a few poems and my journal entries (I’m almost halfway through my ninth journal since February 9 of this year).  And so, here’s a not-that-great-but-okay poem I wrote on Thursday, Nov. 17.  I’m sorry if it’s confusing — ask me any questions about it — but tell me what you think.  It doesn’t have a title.

(You can read more of my poems on my Poetry page — click the tab or go here)

Is it too far out of reach

No, no, not this soon

Not that far away

I’m not ready

I’m too ready

Lord, when will it be

Can I just say

What you mean to me

What do I mean to you

I’ve loved you too long

Couldn’t I have loved you longer

It wasn’t enough

I love you

Did you love me

Of course you’re gone

You can’t be gone

Isn’t that how life works

Everything happens too fast

The blink of an eye

It’s all too slow

A thousand years, no less

Can I stand another second

Can I stand another second of




It’s all drifting away too fast

When I fall

Lord, catch me

Will I fall too far out of reach

Will I drift away from you

My love

This burning inside my soul

All my life

Turning to charcoal

Is it burning away too fast

Is it burning away too slow

Can I stay with you

Couldn’t you wait with me

My love

Don’t disappear

My new life

Don’t reappear

My old life

Yesterday wasn’t me

Yesterday was someone else

We don’t share a face

That was someone worse

That was someone vile

Is anything worth the while

Will anything last long enough

I need my Love to stay

My Love can’t go away

My Love will stay

My Love won’t go away




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